Welcome to our exciting website for Westmoreland Chapter Order of DeMolay. Westmoreland has been helping boys grow to become well rounded young men since its beginning. DeMolay began in Kansas City, Missouri in 1919, with just 9 young men. Since then, DeMolay has grown to serve young men of all backgrounds, needs, and interests, and has had over 1 million members throughout its history. The name comes from Jacques DeMolay, a 13th century knight whose heroic example we now follow. Westmoreland Chapter is growing quickly and is located in Greensburg.

Our Chapter members have a great time making new friends, going new places, eating great food, and enjoying fun activities like sports, camping trips, paintball, and more. We plan our upcoming activities based on what our members want to do… so come join in the fun!

You can check out our Chapter Activities section for the latest updates on our activities and if you want to join, all you need to do is contact us!

Over the next couple of months, I will be making many changes with the website to bring it up to date. Be sure to check back regularly to see progress and enjoy the new features!

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