The Code of a DeMolay

A DeMolay serves God.
A DeMolay honors all womanhood.
A DeMolay loves and honors his parents.
A DeMolay is honest.
A DeMolay practices honest toil.
A DeMolay is loyal to ideals and friends.
A DeMolay’s word is as good as his bond.
A DeMolay is courteous.
A DeMolay is at all times a gentleman.
A DeMolay is a patriot in peace as well as war.
A DeMolay is clean in mind and body.
A DeMolay stands unswervingly for the public schools.
A DeMolay always bears the reputation of a good and law-abiding citizen.
A DeMolay by precept and example must preserve the high standards to which he has pledged himself.


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