Lodge Presentations

Westmoreland Does the Fathers Talk at Shidle Lodge

Picture from left to right on the first Picture Bottom row: Michael D(M.C.),Caleb K( S.C.), Laszlo D(J.C.) ,Keith S(S.D.) Top Row: Shidle Lodge Officers “Dad Adam N( S.D.),Nelson M(W.M., Matt S( S.W.)

On Tuesday November 11th Brother Keith S(P.M.C. and Current JD) went to Shidle Lodge #601 in Irwin PA to perform the Fathers Talk for the Members of the Lodge. Keith did a excellent job and after the meeting. Members from Westmoreland took and answered questions from the members of Shidle Lodge, and invited the members to attend a meeting on the 1st or 3rd Sunday of the month , after the meeting the members of Westmoreland Chapter joined Shidle Lodge down stairs for Meatball subs and Fellowship.

Westmoreland would like to thank Shidle Lodge for the continued support of DeMolay.

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