The Degree of Chevalier is the highest honor an active DeMolay can receive. It may also be granted to a Senior DeMolay. The degree is granted for outstanding DeMolay service and activity. To receive the honor, a DeMolay must be at least 17 years old on January 15 of the year nominated, have been a member for at least two years as of that date, be nominated by his chapter’s Advisory Council, and have the approval of the Executive Officer of his jurisdiction, and of the Supreme Council.

Members of Westmoreland Chapter who have been granted the Degree of a Chevalier are listed below:

  • Michael D. :2022
  • Gary W. :
  • Keith S.:
  • David S. : 2018
  • Dylan K. : 2018
  • Austin C. : 2017
  • Robert S. : 2016
  • Adam N. : 2013
  • Isaac H. : 2013

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