Legion of Honor


The Legion of Honor is the highest honor conferred by the DeMolay Supreme Council. The award was approved in 1925 and first conferred upon Louis Lower. The Supreme Council may confer the Legion of Honor(Active) upon a Senior DeMolay for outstanding leadership in some field of endeavor, for service to humanity, or for success in fraternal life, including adult service to the Order of DeMolay. The Supreme Council may also confer it upon a Freemason who was not a DeMolay(Honorary), but who has performed unusual and meritorious service in behalf of the Order of DeMolay, or who has evidenced a spirit of cooperation and appreciation for the Order of DeMolay.

The following Advisors of Westmoreland Chapter have received the Legion of Honor:

  • “Dad” Kirk Thomas-2016(Honorary)
  • “Dad” Bill Holtzer -2017(Honorary)
  • “Dad” Bruce Neubauer-2018(Honorary)
  • Dave Matheny-2018(Active)
  • Dean Williams-2019(Honorary)
  • Richard McAlpine-2021(Honorary)
  • Shawn Proskin-2021(Honorary)
  • David Morgans-2021(Honorary)
  • Joshua S. Freedman-
  • Michael Pompura-2022(Honorary)