Westmoreland County Food Bank


At our meeting on September 3, we had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Kris Douglas for a presentation about the Westmoreland County Food Bank. Mr. Douglas gave us some important facts regarding the assistance that the food bank provides to those in need, such as the data that the food bank provides about a weeks worth of food on a monthly basis for approximately 16,500 people in Westmoreland County. The food bank supplies food pantries, soup kitchens, summer food service programs, and various other programs around the county. Dad Holtzer gave a great way to understand the need for the food bank, by giving us the question “how many paychecks could your family afford to miss?” The food bank is an essential resource for the county, providing assistance to many families who are working, but still having trouble making ends meet, and seniors who have the difficult decision of food or medicine. It is a great organization to support, with time and money if you are able, please visit their website (link below) for details on how you can help.

Westmoreland County Food Bank

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