The Order of DeMolay



DeMolay’s Beginnings

In the early months of January 1919, Frank Land was approached by Louis Lower, a teenager who had lost his father during World War I.  He was searching for work, so Frank began to work with him at the local Masonic Temple in Kansas City, Missouri.  In February of that year, Frank approached Louis about starting up a club for him and his friends.  Louis went home and began gathering his friends together and brought them back a few days later.  There were nine of them, and they sat in the library with Frank and began talking about what they wanted to name this club.  After hearing the story of Jacques DeMolay, the last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, they chose DeMolay as the club’s name.
On March 24th, 1919 thirty-five boys all from the same high school showed up to the first meeting where they elected a corps of officers.  Gorman A. McBride was the first elected Master Councilor (President) of the Chapter.  The Chapter grew and grew and when the topic of a limit on members was brought to the floor, “Dad” Land stood up and told them how they shouldn’t keep this to themselves.  They should let everyone and anyone join this, because if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for other people.  The proposed motion was quickly discarded.  Now today, there are hundreds of thousands of DeMolay’s all across the world.

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